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Art History - All Levels

Beginning, Intermediate, and Experienced AP* Teachers Combined

This institute will address issues related to beginning, teaching, and maintaining a successful AP* Art History course.  We will discuss the recent directions in teaching AP* Art History, the nature of the AP* Art History exam, and the ways the exam is shaping the course.  We will be exploring both strategies for teaching works of art within their historical perspective and integrating works of art from beyond the European tradition as these issues continue to be emphasized in the most recent exams.

The focus of the week will include developing an AP* course that really works for students—a course that not only engages young people in the rich discipline of art history, but also gives them the academic skills and strategies they need to be successful in it.  Included in the institute’s goals is providing a setting in which participants can exchange ideas, discover new strategies, and obtain materials to support their work in the classroom while having an experience that fosters renewed energy and enthusiasm for teaching.

Our week will provide the time and space for teachers to learn from one another as well as to experience the richness provided by the great city of Chicago.  We will visit the Art Institute of Chicago as a group and plan optional activities as well.  Possible visits are to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Robie House, The Oriental Institute, The Museum of Contemporary Art, and walking tours of the city to look at developments in 20th century architecture.  For activities other than the Art Institute, participants will be responsible for admissions and transportation costs.

CHERYL HUGHES teaches at Alta High School in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She has taught AP* Art History since 1989 and holds Masters degrees in Art History and English from the University of Utah.  She has served on the AP* Art History test development committee, was the primary author of the 2003 Teacher’s Guide for AP* Art History, and wrote an article for the 2007-08 professional development publication, Special Focus: Art of the Twentieth Century, entitled, “Judy Chicago’s Dinner Party: Inviting Women to the Table.”  Cheryl has been a reader, table leader, and question leader at the AP* Art History Reading since 1999, and currently serves as a teacher mentor for the College Board*.

Studio Art: Drawing/2-D Design Portfolios - Beginning & Intermediate

Beginning and Intermediate AP* Teachers Combined

This institute will provide participants with a thorough investigation of the nature of the three sections that comprise The Drawing and the 2-D Design Advanced Placement* Studio Art Exam portfolios.  Implications for instruction, resources, critiques, and the Reading will be central.  Time will be provided to examine emerging, proficient, and advanced examples of student work; share best practice results; and, engage in relevant studio experiences.  In addition, focus topics will be presented, key issues will be discussed, and specially selected hands-on studio methods will be explored on a daily basis.  It is intended that participants form a clear understanding of the parameters of advanced work for each section of each portfolio as well as create a mini-concentration to serve as an example.  Participants are asked to bring along a small pack of simple and familiar art supplies such as fineliner pens, watercolour brush, chalk pastels/Conté crayon, and a variety of pencils.  Surfaces will be provided.  A laptop and a camera would be very useful, and a USB drive will be necessary for sharing files. This course does not cover 3D design material.

BARBARA SUNDAY began her teaching career in Jamaica, and has taught AP* Studio Art at Sentinel Secondary School in West Vancouver, Canada, for 25 years.  Barb, also an experienced elementary teacher, has served as a District Art Coordinator, has lectured in Art Education at both The University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University, and has been involved in a number of curriculum development projects for the Ministry of Education.  Barb has served in a variety of positions and presented workshops for BCATA, CSEA, and NAEA.  Barb has been an AP* Studio Art Reader for 8 years and was appointed Table Leader at the Reading for 4 years.  She has conducted numerous AP* workshops across Canada, in the US, and internationally for MAIS, EARCOS, and NESA.  She has presented AP* summer institutes in Detroit, San Diego, Bellevue, Hawaii, Chicago, Las Vegas, Victoria, and Toronto.  Barb has been the recipient of the NAEA Pacific Region Award Art Educator of the Year Award and the BCATA Art Teacher of The Year Award.  She has presented several sessions for the annual AP* Conference and served 3 years on their Steering Committee.  Barb maintains a close relationship with The Artists 4 Kids Trust in helping to provide quality Art Education for children.

Studio Art: Drawing/2-D/3-D Design Portfolios - Beginning & Intermediate

Beginning and Intermediate AP* Teachers Combined

This institute for AP Studio Art teachers, new or experienced, will explore all three portfolios; 2D, 3D and Drawing along with the Breadth and Concentration sections for each portfolio included will be a studio for each portfolio. Emphasis will be placed on developing strategies for the concentration section in any of the portfolio offerings depending on the interest and experience of the participant. Covered will be the Reading process, power points used in training for the 2013 Reading, mock Readings using the rubric for the 2013 Reading, sketchbook strategies, The College Board materials, and discussion of Pre-AP. Developing thematic approaches to best illustrate the concentration body of work will be explored along with studio practice developed from the participant’s concentration theme. A power point illustrating the particular ideation for the concentration will be created and shared along with a small concentrated body of work in the size format of trading cards.

JERRY STEFL has been teaching for the past 42 years. He divided his teaching time between Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Illinois and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago for 33 years and is now at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago as an Adjunct Associate Professor.  Jerry also conducts workshops for C.A.P.E. (Chicago Arts Partnerships in Education).  He is the Past President of the Illinois Art Education Association, a past member of the AP* Studio Art Development Committee, Western Region Secondary Chair for the National Art Education Association, lead consultant of the AP* Studio Art Vertical Guide and developed the Pre-AP Vertical Team* in Studio Art workshop packets.  He has also been a reader and table leader for AP* Studio Art and the chair of the Visual Art team reviewing teacher training curricula for the Illinois State Board of Education.  Jerry has received The Marie Walsh Sharpe Artist/Educator Fellowship, National Secondary Art Educator of the Year, Illinois Art Educator of the Year, The International Kohl Award for Exemplary Teaching, Teacher of the Year/District #230, and Teacher of the Year for Carl Sandburg High School, and is a Distinguished Member of IAEA.  He has conducted beginning, experienced, and pre-AP* workshops internationally and is the past Content Advisor for Studio Art at AP* Central.  Jerry is also on the Executive Board and Chair of the Education Committee at Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art.

Studio Art: Drawing/2-D/3-D Design Portfolios - Intermediate & Experienced

Intermediate and Experienced AP* Teachers Combined

This level of Studio Art is reserved for teachers with several years of AP teaching experience. This institute will combine studio and academic study. Participants will develop personal artwork and research while also being given guidance to translate personal ideas and skills into the AP classroom. The basics of the three AP portfolios will be covered as well as the reading process using the rubric developed by the AP Studio Art Development Committee. Discussion will focus on best practice in developing curriculum for student understanding and excellence. We will also cover the digital submission process. The class will also serve as an opportunity to create art as a way to better understand the AP studio art exam, share techniques and strategies and grow as artists and teachers.

Born In Colombia, South America and educated in the U.S. RAÚL ACERO is a sculptor and ceramic artist, and has been a University Professor for many years. He is currently the Chair of the Art Department at the University of Redlands in Southern California and has taught at Parsons School of Design and The Sage Colleges. His artwork is in many private collections and also in the Permanent Collection of the Studio Museum in Harlem and the Asheville Museum of Art among others and he has an M.F.A. from Ohio University. He is a former Chief Reader for the AP Studio Art Program, is currently a Question Leader for the studio art reading and has served as a Development Committee member, Exam Leader and Table leader. He is the author of “Making Ceramic Sculpture” His work can be seen at his website www.raulacero.net

Music Theory - All Levels

Beginning, Intermediate, and Experienced AP* Teachers Combined 

This workshop will focus on teaching strategies designed to develop student understanding of the materials and processes of music including visual and aural analysis, sight-singing, melodic and harmonic dictation, and composition.  Special emphasis will be given to creating a curriculum employing techniques and activities similar to those presented in the AP Vertical Teams* Guide for Music Theory published by the College Board*.  Significant critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills will be fostered and the course will emphasize the synthesis of musical knowledge into usable musical understanding, especially with regard to music of the common practice period.

Dr. Terry Eder is a choral conductor and music teacher with over 35 years of experience at both the college and secondary levels. He is currently the music theory teacher at Plano Senior High School in Plano, Texas, where he teaches AP Music Theory. He also serves as master teacher for the O’Donnell Foundation’s Creating Schools of Excellence in the Arts grant program involving ten high school music theory programs in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. He is a College Board Consultant and has presented at many AP summer institutes and two-day workshops. He also serves as a question leader in the reading of the AP Music Theory exam each summer. Dr. Eder has also developed a one-day workshop on vertical teams in music theory for the College Board, has written an article on strategies for dealing with the sight-singing portion of the AP exam, and has presented an online professional development session entitled, “Sight Singing and Its Influence on Melodic and Harmonic Dictation.” He is currently co-chair of the College Board AP Music Theory development committee and serves as a member of the Music Writing Team for National Standards in the Arts. Recently he was named Plano Senior High School Teacher of the Year. He holds a BME and an MME from Texas Christian University and a DMA in choral conducting from the University of Oklahoma.

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