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Art History

Beginning, Intermediate, and Experienced AP* Teachers Combined

The agenda for this year’s AP Summer Institute in art history will be designed to both prepare teachers who are new to teaching the course content and to assist experienced teachers with implementing teaching strategies to effectively address learning objectives. Teachers will be provided with materials such as powerpoints and sample exams to assist them in teaching the course. For the benefit of returning teachers, the agenda will address works and themes not covered the year before. In addition, the free-response questions on the 2018 operational exam, as well as sample responses, will be carefully reviewed and discussed throughout the week. Time will also be allotted for a trip to a nearby museum to view and analyze works that are similar to in the AP Art History course description.

For more information on the AP Art History course itself, please go to the following link:

 Instructor: Doug Darracott

Studio Art: Drawing/2-D/3-D Design Portfolios

The AP Studio Art Summer Institute for new and experienced teachers will explore the 3D, 2D and Drawing portfolios, facilitate the creation of valuable curricula and corresponding art making.

The three sections: Quality, Breadth and Concentration will be examined in depth through digital presentations and discussions geared to generate curriculum development through studio practice. Topics addressed during the week, will include:

• An overview of The College Board materials provided
• The Reading process
• An overview of the training materials from the 2018 Reading
• Mock Readings using the rubric from the 2018 Reading
• Developing sketchbook strategies
• Creating curriculum for the Breadth section
• How to select work for the Quality section
• Generating ideas for the Concentration that can support a sustained investigation
• AP Studio Art goals and the National Core Art Standards
• Investigating themes from Contemporary Art to inspire curriculum

An emphasis will be placed on ideation and strategies for assisting AP students to select concentration topics that are sustainable. Studio sessions will be dedicated to the development of a mini concentration, using action research engaged in throughout the workshop. Participants will engage in the same kind of creative problem solving that they will ask of their students.

The format of the Institute will include informal lectures, digital presentations and studio activities. All participants will be encouraged to share best practices and some exercises will be completed in small groups. Group critiques and activities will be conducted with an emphasis on process and the development of a theme or idea that can generate continued investigation.

Participants will be asked to bring some studio supplies for their own art making. Please bring a Laptop or tablet and flash drive for sharing of teaching materials. Some materials will be provided and announced at a later date.

Instructor: Claudia Michael

Music Theory

Beginning, Intermediate, and Experienced AP* Teachers Combined 

This workshop will focus on teaching strategies designed to develop student understanding of the materials and processes of music including visual and aural analysis, sight-singing, melodic and harmonic dictation, and composition.  Special emphasis will be given to creating a curriculum employing techniques and activities similar to those presented in the AP Vertical Teams* Guide for Music Theory published by the College Board*.  Significant critical, analytical, and creative thinking skills will be fostered and the course will emphasize the synthesis of musical knowledge into usable musical understanding, especially with regard to music of the common practice period.

Instructors: Terry Eder

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