Columbia College Chicago has been offering its Summer Arts & Media Camp for over 20 years, and we’re very proud of the community we’ve created and experiences we’ve shared. Here are some parent and caregiver reviews from our past few summers.

My child had so much fun this year and is broken up about aging out of the program. Really, a solid tear or two was shed after the final performance. You guys consistently run a very important program that really touches our children's lives. Many thanks for all that you do!”

The combination of artistic disciplines offered was a major factor in choosing this camp over others. One skill that was developed was the understanding of and vocabulary of the arts. Arts skill development and experimentation is what will continue to be of value to me in the future. Thanks.”

My child has gained confidence and self-esteem from her time in the program. I just went to her parent/teacher conferences yesterday was told by EVERY SINGLE teacher that she has changed dramatically. They said she is confidant, enthusiastic, motivated (and motivating others), and she has a different thought process. Even her grades improved and her confidence level in volleyball and basketball. Thank you all for being such positive inspirations in my daughters life!!”

"The program was very well organized and the counselors were great! The curriculum was perfect for my son. He was able to explore his creative side and different aspects of art. He built confidence in himself and in his abilities as a young artist. We could not have been more pleased."

"I felt that my child's personality and skills were truly honored by this program; the quality of the program was superior to any other class/experience we've seen, and yet it was completely age appropriate. My child will be re-enrolling as long as you are offering this and until he ages out."

"This is year two in the summer arts camp program for my son and I have noticed that he is learning to break out of his shell. We encourage him to be himself and each year after being at camp he seems to be more comfortable with showing his individuality. Thank you for creating an environment that encourages kids to be themselves. We will be back next year!"

"I really would like to thank ALL the staff for making my child's first experience at The Summer Arts Camp so wonderful. Every staff member was pleasant, and was able to affirm her in her quest in the Arts. She has not stopped talking about the camp and all the neat people that she met, in addition to the counselors that showed her love and compassion for the Arts. I really believe that she was "fed" this past summer, and thank you very much."

"This camp was spectacular. You really took care of my child and allowed her to grow over the weeks she was here."

"My child developed a confidence in her acting skills and was accepted for who she is. That was a huge confidence builder for her this summer."

" child's confidence to express her creativity has certainly flourished. The experience has opened a whole new world to her. Working with the counselors, getting their positive feedback on her ideas was the ultimate boost. Thank you so much for the experience. I have never seen my child so happy and excited about learning or performing."

"The kids really enjoyed the program. I felt they were opened up to things they could not get at home or at school. The teachers were excellent."

"My child said this was the best camp experience she has ever had. Thank you for everything. Don't change a thing!"

"...after the first week, the kids were calling out different camera shots as we watched movies or TV. We were asked to tramp to the Chicago Botanic Gardens in order to re-create your haiku field trip experience. Thank you for providing programming that not only enriched our children but our entire family's summer!"

"We just loved camp. I was very impressed with the final performances. Every single child displayed such poise and stage presence. No stage fright at all! My child also really liked and got a lot out of learning sign language."

"This camp blew my expectations away. My child was chomping to go everyday and was filled with stories at the end of the day (vs the monosyllabic normal responses)."

"Our son learned new skills – not only technical and artistic, but about perseverance, the value of practicing, managing interpersonal conflicts, etc. He is often reluctant to try new things, but at this camp he felt safe to try new things and developed new confidence as a result. This camp is especially valuable because most other camps have a strong gender bias towards athletics for boys. Giving artistic kids (who might otherwise feel like outsiders) a place to come together with other kids, and to develop relationships with counselors who also share their interests and quirks, was one of the best things about the camp experience."

"...This program builds up a child's confidence and self esteem through the arts. They know that their input is valued and utilized and they get to display their accomplishments immediately."

"Wonderful program that exceeded all expectations. Counselors were fantastic and the final program and installation were amazing. The campers are very enthusiastic!"

"It has increased her leadership and organizational skills as well as highlighted how to work in groups. These are life skills that many people don't get the opportunity to develop until they are much more mature."